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SEAN SCULLY, 5.27.91
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Sean Scully



Lot 109 at the auction Art Contemporain Day Sale in Paris on December 5, 2019.

Sean Scully, 5.27.91
(High-Res Derivative Image)
($223,100*0.00001 = $2.23)
Estimate: 150,000-200,000 EUR
Sold for 200,000 EUR
Price Point Value $223,100 USD
Auctioned on Dec 5 2019

Description & Provenance
Sean Scully
N. 1945
signed and dated 91
pastel on paper
100 x 152 cm ; 39 ½ x 60 in
Executed in 1991. 

Mayor Rowan Gallery, New York
Private Collection, Paris

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